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Free Amigurumi Penguin Pattern

I also made this little penguin for my friend Darlene. It is the simplest pattern available on my site thus-far. She decided to name him Olie the Penguin, so Olie is approximately 4 1/2 inches tall.

amigurumi penguin robotrish 1

Have fun!

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Free Amigurumi Hello Kitty Pattern

This is an amigurumi Hello Kitty I crocheted for my friend Darlene. I’ve been visiting home for about two weeks now and I’m usually crocheting while watching TV with my mom and dad ^_^ . She stands about 7 inches tall. I had a good time making her and the best part was Darlene’s reaction. I work hard on some of these patterns, and they can get frustrating, but after I give them to their new “owners”, I feel so proud and ready to share them with you all. There are more pictures at the bottom of the pattern.

amigurumi hello kitty robotrish 1


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