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Free Amigurumi Octopus Pattern

This is my amigurumi octopus whom Aaron, once again cleverly named LiverSpot Lloyd. I’ve chosen to keep track of my pattern to share with you all. So please enjoy my free amigurumi octopus pattern.

Good luck!!

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Free Amigurumi Yoshi Pattern

Here is a free amigurumi Yoshi pattern I made.I was inspired to make this after making an amigurumi super mario for my brother.This amigurmi Yoshi took me a few days to complete, mainly because I was trying to keep track of my pattern so I could post it here for everyone. I used a turquoise color only because I had no green, but remember that Yoshies come in different colors and yours can be any color of your choice. The finished product should measure approximately 10 1/2 – 11 inches tall.



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