Author: Trish

Special Order

These are 7 Owls I made as a special order I received on Etsy. I made the little Owl as a gift to the buyer because I had extra materials left over and wanted to do a little something extra.

OWL-1 Owl-2 Owl-3

Free Amigurumi DJ Headphones Pattern

Well I made these based on my own set of Earpolution DJ headphones and I’m pretty happy with them. They were fun and quick to make. They would probably make a good present for My sister’s boyfriend Larry Curl since he’s a DJ… unless he sees this post… then I’m kinda screwed, oh well, there are always more ideas where that came from ^_^


Here’s a picture of my Headphones:

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Two completed Yoshis I find incredible!!

First, this little baby from Linda of Sweden

And this one from Amy on Ravelry

You all never cease to amaze me, I’m always astonished by the fact that I write these patterns and you all follow them and make them your own and create these great ami’s. I feel proud ^_^


Hello Everyone!!

I’ve moved my site on over to WordPress, which gives me way more freedom than the previous hosting I had.

Now I can actually say I have a full fledged website. Now that all that business is over, I am ready to start posting

my patterns again. I have 3 planned to post in the next week or two, so woo hoo, I’m back!!