Month: April 2011

Hey Everyone !

Wow it has been a crazy couple of months. I have a few patterns written down. One for a small Teddy Bear, another for a larger Hello Kitty and one last pattern for a smaller Liver Spot Lloyd. I’m planning on selling the smaller Liver Spot Lloyd in my Etsy shop in assorted colors, so I wasn’t planning on posting the pattern, since this little guy looks nearly identical to the original, only smaller.

Please comment or email me if you guys DO want the smaller Lloyd Pattern. Same goes for Hello Kitty.

Speaking of email, I changed my primary email to just because Yahoo has been extremely unreliable in recent months :/

Okay guys, well I’ll be on vacation in Mid-May. Aaron and I are planning on getting married at this time, so hopefully I am not too busy to come up with some new patterns. I know I really need some new content up here.

Please email me or comment with any questions, and especially if you have any requested patterns!

Thanks guys for all the support, the next time I post anything on here, my last name will be Lopez! which is both sad and exciting.