Hello Everyone!!

I’ve moved my site on over to WordPress, which gives me way more freedom than the previous hosting I had.

Now I can actually say I have a full fledged website. Now that all that business is over, I am ready to start posting

my patterns again. I have 3 planned to post in the next week or two, so woo hoo, I’m back!!


2 thoughts on “Hello Everyone!!

  1. I have just started the seahorse. It looks real neat. the directions are easy to follow. That makes it soooo much more fun and easier. I have be crotching since I was 5 years old. I alos knit and love it I love to work plastic canvas. right now I have a knitting project going , a plastic canvas(a unicorn for my greeat-grand daughter, who will be 2 years July 31. The seahorse will be for my church. We give clothes to those that need, and with them, we give a toy. I also make toys for the chaplin of the police department, who also goes to our church. I love , love doing for the kids. You go girl, and kee[ up the good job. Both with schooling and the patterns.


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