Free Amigurumi Carrot Pattern

These two critters are my newest creation. I have posted the Bunny pattern for sale in my Etsy shop for the low price of $1.99, which you can find by clicking HERE. I am posting the Bug-Eyed Carrot pattern on here for free.


Things you will need to know:


  • Orange
  • Lime Green

Additional Materials:

  • Black Felt
  • Black Embroidery Floss
  • White Embroidery Floss


  • Size G hook
  • Size D hook
  • Wide eyed needle
  • Scissors
  • Stitch marker
  • Glue gun (optional)

Abbreviations used in Pattern:

  • SC- Single Crochet
  • DEC- Decrease
  • ST/STS- Stitch/Stitches
  • CH/CHS- Chain/Chains
  • HK- Hook
  • DC- Double Crochet
  • F/O- Fasten Off


(in orange)

Round 1: 6 sc into Magic Ring (6)

Round 2: 2 sc in each st around (12)

Round 3: sc in next st, 2 sc in next st, around (18)

Rounds 4-8: sc around (18)

Round 9: sc in next st, dec over next 2 sts, around (12)

Rounds 10-13: sc around (12)

Round 14: dec 6 times (6)

Round 15: sc around (6)

F/O leaving long tail to stitch closed


(worked in black and white embroidery floss, using size d hook. Make sure your stitches are tight)

Start with black:

Round 1: 6 sc into magic ring (6)

(switch to white)

Round 2: 2 sc in each st around (12)

Rounds 3-4: sc around (12)

*Note: if you want to stitch the eyes directly onto your carrot, leave a long tail of Yarn to stitch with. I used a glue gun for mine, because  it is less tedious and usually just as sturdy in my opinion. Otherwise:

F/O leaving long tail to stitch to carrot


Ch 5

sc in 2nd ch from hk

sc in next ch

dc in next 2 chs

F/O weave in ends -or- leave long tail depending on your preference

*Note: Same as with the eyes. I used a Glue gun to attach my leaves.

I used the black felt to make a “scared” shaped mouth. I also used the glue gun to attach that one.

That’s all there is to this little guy, as always, please do not hesitate to leave your feedback, it always makes my day.


2 thoughts on “Free Amigurumi Carrot Pattern

  1. this is the cutest! im making alot of these type of things for my daughter to play with!. theyre cute and have sentimental value. shes due feb 19, 2011! cant wait ta start. and thanks for the pattern! 🙂 hope you add more!


    1. Alisha,
      Congratulations on your baby girl, I’m sure when she arrives, she will adore all the things you’ve made for her ^_^
      I do plan to post new patterns, I’ve just been pretty busy with school, but I’ll get back As soon as possible, because this is what I love hahah.
      Again, congratulations,
      do you have a name picked out for her already?


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