Month: June 2010


A few things in my Etsy Shop are on sale, they include my:

Yoshi – $9 off SOLD

Elephant – $2 off

Owl – $2 off

New Addition to my Shop

I’ve started making these padded facial scrubbers. I’ve posted them and their pattern in my Etsy shop. We’ll see how it goes!!

Free Amigurumi Elephant Pattern

This is an Amigurumi Elephant I made for fun. I was trying to stay away from making animals that I had seen a lot of patterns for but finally decided to make whatever the hell I feel like ^_^ Today I was feeling large and in charge, hence the elephant. This big guy was a lot of fun to make. Aaron named him Dozey, which seems to fit his dreamy little eyes. He stands about 7 inches tall and is about 1 foot in length (trunk to butt [that sounds redundant when you think of it in slang terms {forget that heh}]) There are more pictures at the bottom of my pattern.

Dozey is now for sale at my Etsy shop, if you want to give him a home, click HERE.

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