How to Single Crochet (Video and Guide)

So, if you have already learned to make a Slipknot and how to Chain from my previous posts and videos, you’ll know how to hook your yarn and pull it through a loop. This is really all the knowledge you’ll need to be able to pull off a Single Crochet.

Step 1-

Start with however many Chains your pattern calls for. When you single crochet, you’ll always start in the second chain from the hook, so that the 1st chain from the hook will give you some height.

*As you look at your Chain Stitches, you’ll notice that they look similar to braids or the letter V*

Step 2-

Poke your hook through the top loop of the “braid” and pull your yarn through.

*After pulling the yarn through, you will have two loops on your Hook*

Step 3-

Last, pull your yarn through both loops on your hook

That is your first Single Crochet. To make a full row of Single Crochet, just repeat the same Steps through every Chain Stitch. Remember that when you start your next row, you will Chain 1 and turn your project around and continue working to the left.

When you start your Next row, you will Chain 1, and turn your work so that you can continue working to the left. Work into both loops of the “braid” or “V” created by your first row of Single Crochets.

When Crocheting, you don’t absolutely have to work through both loops of the “braid” or “V”. If you only work through the one towards the top, it is known as working through the “Back-loops”

Something less common, is working through the opposite loops, which would be called working through the “front loops”

Here is a picture of two rows of Single Crochets. And Like I say in the video, the first row will curl. Don’t worry about it. The more rows you make, the straighter it will become.

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