How to tie a Slipknot (Video and Guide)

KNOT the band. Hah, I just had to type that gold material up. I do enjoy the occasional pun. So, onto more important things:

The Slipknot

Making a slipknot can look simple, but I recall finding myself pretty confused during my first attempt. I watched and re-watched the unclear video until I kind of had it right. Now here’s my own video and guide, I hope it’s helpful.

Step 1-

Hold the very end of your yarn with your right hand. Hold around 3-4 inches up your yarn, with your left hand.

Step 2-

With your right hand, move the end of your yarn UNDER the yarn in your Left hand so that it forms a circle.

Step 3-

Now that the end of your yarn is behind the part of the yarn in your left hand, take your right hand and pull the very end of your yarn over and across the circle formed in Step 2.

Step 4-

Gently pull the yarn going across the circle, in through the center of it, but make sure not to pull it all the way.

Step 5-

The bit of yarn you just slightly pulled through your circle, should form a little loop, that you can now place your hook through.

Step 6-

Now the only thing you have to do is tighten it around your hook. You can do this by tugging on the very end of your yarn.

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